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Anonymous Drug testing provides a safe, secure, and reliable way to find out.

Employers have their drug testing done by professional testing laboratories, they don't use over-the-counter drug test kits because they want accurate results and over-the-counter drug test kits don't provide an accurate result.  In fact, all of the tips and tricks you may have heard that will help you "beat a drug test" actually only apply to the home drug test kits.  That means that the only person you can fool is yourself.

bulletTesting laboratories use Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry to identify the exact concentration of every chemical in the sample.  This eliminates the possibility of using supplements to mask a positive result.  In addition, it ensures that that prescription drugs or decongestants will not cause a "false positive" result. 

Because they test for the presence of naturally occurring chemicals employer drug tests can also tell if you have been trying to flush your system by drinking large quantities of water and automatically fail any sample with too low a concentration of these chemicals.

bulletHome drug test kits on the other hand can easily be fooled by any of these methods because they rely on simple chemical reaction tests. 
bulletHome drug test kits don't give you exact chemical concentration levels
bulletExact concentrations can tell you how close you came to passing or failing and can provide information on how long it might be until you are able to pass the test.
bulletHome drug test kits which have been exposed to too much heat will pass every sample regardless of drug concentrations.
bulletBasing  your decision to apply on the results of an inaccurate test could result in your being barred from ever re-applying with the same company.


  Our Laboratory Analysis Home Drug Test Kit
Same results as employment drug tests



Dependable accurate results

Precise results give not only pass / fail but also tell how close you came to passing or failing

Tell you how long until you might be able to pass an employer drug test

Easily fooled

Provide you with a false sense of security


Anonymous Drug Testing  provides you with a professional drug test performed in an actual employment screening laboratory ensuring that you get the same high quality results a potential employer would receive. 

Our exacting procedures for confidentiality ensure that your results remain private.   

Our drug test is 100% reliable, 100% confidential, and easy to use.

Your sample is identified only by it's ID number and your results are mailed to the address you specify in a plain envelope.

Because we use a DHHS certified testing facility our drug tests are performed using state of the art Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry and you get the same precision measurements your employer, or potential employer, would receive. 

We even tell you the exact chemical concentrations found in the sample and the prescribed cut-off level so you can see how close you are to passing.

Quick drug test kits have none of these features and can easily be fooled by masking agents giving you the false impression that you would pass an employment drug test.  Further, even when correct their Yes/No answer can not give you a specific concentration level or tell you how close you are to passing.

How does it work?

bulletWe only need a name and address to ship a test kit to. Not the person being tested.
bulletOnce your payment has been received, a drug test collection kit will be mailed.
bulletThe kit will have all the supplies required to get a urine sample. It will also include a form with an ID number. 
bulletAn ID number will be used to track the test results. The person being tested will not ever be identified.
bulletYou collect the urine sample and mail the sample with the enclosed form to a our lab.
bulletYou will receive the test results in the mail for the ID number.

Test for the presence of: 

Alcohol, Amphetamines, Barbiturates Cocaine, Marijuana, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Methaqualone, Nicotine, Opiates, and PCP (phencyclidine)



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